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Mikes Flash Games and the learning experience.

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I started making flash games because I wanted to make my own quizzes. So I bought the fla file (source code to make the swf) for a flash quiz and started to fumble my way through it. First I needed to buy Adobe Flash CS4, that was a lot of money, but if you want to learn flash you have to have it. Is flash easy, NO, simply put, I have read a few books on the flash program and Actionscript 3 and have used time lines and such with my Swish software, mini version of Flash. I basically used Swish for making banners and a couple movies. Flash CS4 is a whole different animal, you work with the time line but with Actionscript 3 you can pretty much just code everything into the .as files. You not only have to work with the time line, the actionscript coding, you also have to make your graphics for whatever it is you are making, a quiz, website or a game. I am not to keen on Flash websites yet, there are still issues using them with the browsers and not sure user like them all that well, but I will be making a few to get my feet wet and learn.
I am a amature at this but really enjoy learning and making it all come together and work like I want it to. That said there a quite a few that I started and spent days on and never got them to do what I wanted them to do. But that is a learning process and I learn best by doing and I love solving problems. There is one heck of a lot to learn about flash, but then there is a lot of code that is the same, written differently but still completes the same functions. I think the quizzes would be great for a company, you could have a picture quiz showing your products and asking what the picture is with 4 answers to choose from for each question. You could also have a quiz for your employees to take about Right to Know or the company structure or history. Quizzes are great for a website, people have fun taking them. The flash quizzes I made submit a score so people can compete for the top spot on the leader board.
I use PhotoShop CS3 to make my graphics and to help with that I have a Intuos medium table, it is so much better then trying to draw things with a mouse. For coding I use Dreamweaver CS3 I can write the actionscripts in Flash but it is nice to check them out in Dreamweaver. I use Dreamweaver mostly for my websites, I really do not use the wysiwyg part of it, except for looking at how table structures and div are layed out. The last game I finished was called Mikes Target Shooter IIII, I read a tutorial and downloaded the code and made it into a 4 level game with scoring and cool graphics, I had a blast with that one, it is Mikes Target Shooter IIII if you want to take a look. It started with one target a green square, and the shot sound when you clicked the mouse, the tutorial is at Steve's Tuts you can see what I started with and where I took it. It was a very simple actionscript but one heck of an engine to build off from. It is so great there are so many programmers out there willing to share their knowledge with newbies. Well I will add more as I go along, have a look at the next tab, it has all the flash games that I have made so far listed. Thanks for reading this and enjoy your day.
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This is a list of all the quizzes and games I have made so far. The quizzes I bought the main fla file (source code) and modified it to do what I wanted. The games I have made start with another programmers engine and I expand it from there. An engine is the basic code to just run a scene, like the last one I did had 1 target, and the code to shot the target and make a sound. very basic. I took it and add 4 levels, scoring, submit the score to an arcade backgrounds and images for the targets. Here is a list of the games and quizzes I have completed so far. Most of these games submit a score, if they are on my arcades they submit a score. Actually I believe the 5 Sports Quizzes are the only ones that do not submit a score, was one of my first attempts at flash.
Submiting a score to an arcade is not that hard to do, but it is a lot tricker in actionscript 3. I spent 2 days searching code on the web before I finally figured it out in Mikes Target Shooter II and IIII, by using a combination of codes other people were trying. Actionscript 2 you could use this code:
  • on (release)
  • {
  • var gname = "SWF FILE NAME";
  • var gscore = _root.score;
  • getURL("index.php?act=Arcade&do=newscore", "_self", "POST");
  • }
With actionscript 3 I had to use this code:
  • stop();
  • import flash.net.URLVariables; // needed for submit
  • import flash.net.* // needed for submit
  • import flash.net.URLRequestMethod; // needed for submit

  • getScore4();

  • // To submit the score and Game name to a PHP file on the server:

  • SubmitBtn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, myButtonFunction);
  • function myButtonFunction(event: MouseEvent):void{
  • var myVariables:URLVariables = new URLVariables();
  • myVariables.gname = "GAME_NAME";
  • myVariables.gscore = _ROOT.SCORE_var;
  • var myURLRequest:URLRequest = new URLRequest("index.php?act=Arcade&do=newscore");
  • myURLRequest.method = URLRequestMethod.POST;
  • myURLRequest.data = myVariables;
  • navigateToURL(myURLRequest, '_self');
  • }
As you can see there is a big difference between AS2 and AS3, lol, a lot to learn and that is just to send a file name and score to a PHP file, lol.


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