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Pop Quiz 6 Sci/Tech

1) Human beings enjoy dozens of different kinds of fruits, acquiring them from trees, bushes, vines and other plants. Which tree-borne fruit has two varieties that we call 'Delicious'?
a) Cherry.
b) Peach.
c) Apricot.
d) Apple.

2) The smaller, Earth-like planets are called 'terrestrial' planets. What are the larger, gaseous planets called?
a) Saturnine planets
b) Jovian planets
c) Torrential planets
d) Uranian planets

3) Thomas Edison was the most prolific inventor of all time. Of his 1,093 patented devices, one stands out as his personal favorite. What was this remarkable device?
a) Phonograph
b) Motion picture camera
c) Incandescent light bulb
d) Stock ticker system

4) Polaris is a relatively visible star that occupies an approximate position in the nighttime sky directly above the North Pole. What is its southern counterpart?
a) Canopus
b) Deneb
c) Vega
d) There is no southern pole star

5) In 1942 this scientist led the team that succeeded in building the world's first nuclear reactor. What was the last name of this pioneer of nuclear technology?
a) Fermi
b) Teller
c) Einstein
d) Bohr

6) Most scientists believe that once the universe has ceased expanding from the explosive repulse of the big bang, it will begin to fall inward. The final moment of this falling inward has been termed what?
a) The Little Bang
b) The Great Implosion
c) The Big Crunch
d) The Big Squish

7) Unfortunately, there are many things in the world that can kill us. The 'Destroying Angel' is one of the most deadly types of which of the following?
a) Snake
b) Spider
c) Bacteria
d) Mushroom

8) The 'Titan Arum' could very well emit the most repugnant smell of any plant known to humankind. What is the nickname of this putrid flower?
a) Skunkweed
b) Corpse Flower
c) Death Cup
d) Odorous Orchid

9) In mathematics, what is the term for a straight line segment that joins any two points on a circle?
a) Chord
b) Radius
c) Diameter
d) Sector

10) A dose of gibberellins in the proper place will cause which of the following?
a) Frenetic and aimless swimming in fish
b) Immobilization of insects
c) Excited growth in young plants
d) Sexual excitement in mammals

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