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Pop Quiz 5 General

1) Which body of water has the distinction of being the world's largest lake by surface area?
a) Lake Superior.
b) Caspian Sea.
c) Aral Sea.
d) Lake Victoria.

2) Which of these is a television comedy that features six friends who live in New York City?
a) Frasier.
b) Cheers.
c) Friends.
d) Facts of Life.

3) Which of these exciting tourist attractions is not located in the U.S. state of California?
a) Disney World.
b) Disneyland.
c) San Diego Zoo.
d) Mann's Chinese Theatre.

4) Wall Street is famous for being the location of several major financial institutions in the United States. In which New York City borough is it located?
a) Brooklyn.
b) The Bronx.
c) Queens.
d) Manhattan.

5) Among his other extraordinary accomplishments, what ancient historical figure is said to have cut the Gordian Knot?
a) Julius Caesar.
b) Alexander the Great.
c) Buddha.
d) Jesus Christ.

6) Which of these wars was not fought at least partially in Asia?
a) Korean War.
b) Vietnam War.
c) World War II.
d) War of 1812.

7) Who was the author of the literary work called 'Uncle Tom's Cabin', to which Abraham Lincoln gave partial credit for instigating the U.S. Civil War?
a) Harriet Beecher Stowe.
b) Mark Twain.
c) Ralph Waldo Emerson.
d) Julia Ward Howe.

8) She was the winner of 20 Wimbledon titles while he is celebrated on the third Monday of every January in the United States. What last name do these two have in common?
a) Evert.
b) Court.
c) King.
d) Austin.

9) Into what body of water does the Rio Grande, which has its source in Colorado and defines the border between Mexico and Texas, flow?
a) Caribbean Sea.
b) Atlantic Ocean.
c) Pacific Ocean.
d) Gulf of Mexico.

10) Perhaps the most famous address in literary history, 221B Baker Street, London, England was the home of which of these noted characters?
a) Oliver Twist.
b) Sherlock Holmes.
c) Samuel Pickwick.
d) Elizabeth Bennett.

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