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Pop Quiz 4 General

1) The 'Frying Pan' was a 1931 prototype and early production nickname for what item of electro-magnetic equipment?
a) Electric Banjo.
b) Electric Guitar.
c) Electric Drum.
d) Electric Violin.

2) What countries postage stamp, does not have the Nations name on it?
a) Russia.
b) China.
c) British.
d) USA.

3) Who on the list is Angelina Jolie father?
a) Jon Voight.
b) Ian Fleming.
c) Warren Beatty.
d) Nicolas Cage.

4) What did the brand name Nike originally represent?
a) Roman goddess of flowers.
b) Roman god of fire.
c) Greek goddess of wisdom.
d) Greek goddess of victory.

5) Does a bullet fired straight up into the air take longer to?
a) go up.
b) come down.
c) Burns up in the atmosphere.
d) the same amount of time.

6) How many times would a football rotate, if rolled around the middle circumference of another football of the same size?
a) 1 time.
b) 2 times.
c) 3 times.
d) 4 times.

7) A new street is built with one hundred new houses, numbered 1 to 100. How many number 9's are required to number all the houses?
a) 10.
b) 15.
c) 20.
d) 30.

8) A stamp collector paid $100,000 for a stamp and then deliberately destroyed it. Why?
a) Increase it's value.
b) Did not like what was on the stamp.
c) It was a fake.
d) Did it for fun.

9) How many boroughs does New York have?
a) 11.
b) 2.
c) 5.
d) 8.

10) What does JPEG stand for?
a) Joint Photographics Group.
b) Joint Photographics Expert Group.
c) Joint Photo Group.
d) Job Photographics Graphics.

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