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Pop Quiz 3 General

1) What was Ellie Mae's mongrel dogs name in the Beverly Hillbillies.
a) Argos.
b) Muttley.
c) Albie.
d) Nipper.

2) What is deoxyribonucleic acid?
a) DMP.
b) DEP.
c) DPG.
d) DNA.

3) What is the only US state which borders with just one other US state?
a) Maine.
b) Alaska.
c) Wisconsin.
d) Florida.

4) A part of a wheel is a SPOKE, another word for people is FOLK, so how do you spell the word for the white of an egg?
a) yoke.
b) yolk.
c) albumen.
d) albuman.

5) What is the capacity of a 'barrel' as commonly referenced for crude oil production, in gallons.
a) 50.
b) 45.
c) 40.
d) 35.

6) What was the RCA dogs real name, (the white and black dog with the gramophone)?
a) Turk.
b) Gnasher.
c) Rambler.
d) Nipper.

7) What was the name of Pablo Picassos dog ?
a) Kasbec.
b) Gromit.
c) Peritas.
d) Adel.

8) Whose secret ingredient is code-named 7X ?
a) Pepsi.
b) Coca-cola.
c) Spring Valley Soda.
d) Snappel.

9) Who has appeared more often than any other woman on the cover of Time magazine?
a) The Virgin Mary.
b) Madonna.
c) Hilary Clinton.
d) Mother Teresa.

10) What was the color of the shoes worn by Judy Garland in the film "The Wizard of Oz"?
a) Gold.
b) Yellow.
c) Blue.
d) Red.

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