Intelligence Test 9

1.We all know that H2O is the formula for water. What compound is H2O2 the formula for?

2.What is the most abundant element in the Earth's crust?

3.If you don't have rocks in your head, you should know the three types of rocks we all learned in school. What type are sandstone, limestone and shale?

4.In the United States, what federal law was passed to save hundreds of threatened species from extinction?

5.In what specific part of the human body can you find the only living tissue that has no blood supply?

6.You set out from Earth on a journey at that famous speed of light, towards the center of our solar system. In 8 minutes, where will you be?

7.What is the only common substance that expands when it freezes?

8.In the movie 'Ice Age,' he was called Sid. To scientists, he's Megatherium. What kind of an animal is he?

9.'Smilodon' is the scientific name for this critter, although it doesn't refer to his very toothy grin! Who is he?

10.In 1897, the Indiana legislature considered setting the value of what famous number to 3.2?

11.The moon never has to diet. What is the moon called when it appears to be getting bigger?