Intelligence Test 8

1.You are making a map. You want to make sure that no countries will have to share a border that is the same color. How many colors will you need?

2.On a trip to Las Vegas, you decide to play the dice. What is the probability of rolling two dice and getting a seven?

3.You probably have a lot of LEDs around your house, in everything from clock radios to cars. What does LED stand for?

4.PDAs are all the rage these days. What does PDA stand for?

5.Some technical gadgets help us find our way by communicating with a network of satellites. What 3 letter acronym is used to describe this network?

6.It might give you a headache to think about this, but from what tree was aspirin first derived?

7.If you want to catch the biggest wave at high tide, during what two phases of the moon should you hit the surf?

8.What organ in a human baby triples in size from birth to age 1?

9.This term was not coined to describe the study of teenagers' bedrooms, but instead to describe the idea that order can be found in randomness, and randomness in order.

10..At a rock concert, you meet Basalt, Obsidian and Granite. What type of rock are these?

11.You can't win, you can't break even, and you can't even get out of the game. What set of three laws does this pithy saying describe?