Intelligence Test 7

1.You set off on a journey to the closest star to Earth. Where are you going?

2.On which planet in our solar system could you have the hottest date?

3.If you were to reach out and pick a random insect from the billions crawling around the world, what type of insect would it most likely be?

4.You have only one. What does an earthworm have 10 of?

5.We all know that the biggest mammal is the blue whale. But what kind of animal is the smallest mammal living today?

6.'Ecology' comes from Greek words meaning the study of the what?

7.What is the most widely consumed addictive chemical substance in the world?

8.Your body contains enough of this metal to make a long nail. What metal is it?

9.'Because the Earth's atmosphere refracts light, dear.' Would be the answer to which common childhood question?

10.You might be surprised, but there are dinosaur relatives still alive today. What group of present-day animals is most closely related to the dinosaurs?

11.It really makes a lot of sense, and it may change your life! There are 293 different ways to do what common action?