Intelligence Test 3

1.If you have 8 computers, 2 with Windows, 2 with Unix, 2 with Linux Mandarke and 2 with Mac OS X. How many Operating Systems are there?

2.Christopher Columbus brought something to America that we eat for breakfast, what is it?

3.What part of the Leghorn Chickens Egg is white?

4.A Farmer had 20 ponies, 2 die, 1 is sleeping, 3 are sold, how many ponies does the Farmer still own?

5.Leonardo da Vinci was a famous painter, what is one of the names of his most famous painting?

6.Three peppermint sticks cost 15 cents, how many could you buy with 1 American dollar?

7.The phrase 'Tilting at Windmills' derives from what Book?

8.What do the terms pinkies, fuzzies, hoppers and adults refer to?

9.The Star Wars Movie 'Revenge of the Sith' was Episode number _?

10.The Doctor gives you 6 Pills and tells you to take one every 10 minutes, but the effects of one Pill lasts 13 minutes, how many extra minutes of effects of the Pills will you get?

11.If a Wife has a Sister and the Wifes Husband dies, could the Sister be his widow?