Intelligence Test 12 Laws

1.You do not need a license to carry a concealed slingshot in Haines, Alaska?

2.Your llama can graze on the grass in city parks in Boulder, Colorado?

3.If unmarried and convicted of rape in Zamfara State of Nigeria you will be punished, with a caning of 100 lashes?

4.In Zamfara State of Nigeria for the second offense of theft what is amputated?

5.In Zamfara State of Nigeria, what is the punishment for drinking an alcoholic drink?

6.An idle person can recieve a punishment if convicted in Zamfara State of Nigeria of?

7.In Zamfara State of Nigeria cannibalism is legal?

8.There is no legal drinking age in this country?

9.In Nebraska it is legal for a man to run around with a shaved chest?

10.You can legally play Dominoes on Sunday in Alabama?

11.Flirtation between men and women on the streets of Little Rock, Arkansas may result in jail time?