Intelligence Test 10

1.The Bronx Zoo once had a picture frame covered by cloth. It was labeled 'The most dangerous species in the world.' If you removed the cover, what framed object did you see?

2.Let's stick together- this is the only continent that's composed of just one country. What is it?

3.You have to be bright to answer this one! Ultimately, all of the energy in all life cycles on land originally comes from what?

4.Which mineral do humans require the most of in their diet every day?

5.It's enough to make you sick...what species of domestic poultry contributed the virus that gives us the 'flu'?

6.What disease is named after the Greek word for 'crab'?

7.They are always on the move! Where in your body can you find the most active muscles?

8.Why is yodeling banned in Swiss mountain villages in the spring?

9.What computer company produced the Lisa and the Newton?

10.How many planets in our solar system have rings?

11.I bet 'ewe' know this. What was the name of the first cloned sheep?