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Pets and Domestic Animals Quiz 4

1.Despite a persistent urban legend, milk from this huge hairy bovine is not pink.
2.This African dog breed is known as the [barkless dog]. However, it isn't silent, it can create an amazing cacophony of howls and whines.
3.In the 14th century, the dwindling cat population (and growing rat population) in Europe culminated in what disease becoming rampant?
4.What is the only thing the Cheshire Cat of [Alice In Wonderland] leaves behind?
5.Prime Minister of England Winston Churchill owned what breed of dog?
6.This big, red thoroughbred, a winner in all but one start, never raced in the Kentucky Derby, and thus never had a chance to win the Triple Crown.
7.The artist Pablo Picasso owned a dog named Kabul whom Picasso claimed influenced his painting style. What breed was this appropriately-named dog?
8.Sir Issac Newton invented which device for his feline friends?
9.Traditionally, which of the following animals has NOT been used for milking?
10.Your llama is looking a bit grubby these days. He has straw and leaves in his coat, and he's pretty dusty. What should you do?
11.Which cat is famous for having no tail?

Author: Mike Hanson


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