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Pets and Domestic Animals Quiz 3

1.What do you call a female chicken under 1 year of age?
2.John F. Kennedy was also blessed with the friendship of a family cat. Which of these was JFK's cat?
3.This breed comes in three sizes- toy, miniature and standard- and was originally bred to be a bird dog.
4.What do scientists regard as the most intelligent of livestock?
5.In England, a black cat in the home bestows a special gift on the women of the house. What do the gals get?
6.Alexander the Great, according to legend, rode a horse only he could handle. What was this horse's name?
7.This German dog breed is also known as an Alsatian. Much used in police and guide-dog work, it is well-known worldwide.
8.These long-nosed fish are used in 'fighting' contests in Thailand and can wrestle for up to an hour.
9.What is a baby llama called?
10.Widely acclaimed as the [most intelligent breed], this herding dog originated in Great Britain.
11.Practitioners of Hinduism may worship the cow, but another animal in the bovine family gets to do most of the hard work in India. What is this animal?

Author: Mike Hanson


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