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Pets and Domestic Animals Quiz 2

1.I am the [Apollo of Dogs]! I am one of the tallest breeds and despite my name, I come from Germany!
2.What is the part(s) of the body that rats use to regulate their body temperature?
3.The tallest breed of dog in the world was once owned only by nobles. What is it?
4.Incitatus, the horse of what Roman emperor, had the title of Consul bestowed upon him?
5.The most popular dog breed in North America, this short-coated Canadian dog comes in black, chocolate, and yellow.
6.How many teats does a milking goat have?
7.It is hard to believe that this roly-poly toy dog is probably a descendant of fierce mastiffs and bulldogs.
8.This big horse breed, founded in Scotland, was originally used in large teams pulling wagons.
9.Originally bred to fight cattle and bears, this dog breed is now a lumbering, drooling, snoring dog that could not perform its original function even if it wanted to.
10.What is the hair called that hangs over a horse's forehead?
11.Which farm animal, on average, has the most babies at one time?

Author: Mike Hanson


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