Game Quiz 1
1.In the game Ms Pacman High Score section the Blue Ghosts name is?

2.In the Game King of Buttons Other Section the title of the game is what color?

3.In the Game Apple Shoot High Scores Section there are Red Apples, what is the color of the other Apple?

4.In the Game Y2K Tetris Puzzle Section what is holding a Laptop?

5.In the Game Ping Pong 3D Sports Section what are the colors of the two paddles?

6.In the Game 4x4 Rally in the Racing Section what is around the second turn?

7.In the Game Action Driving Game HS in the High Score Section what color Suit is the driver wearing?

8.In the Game Build a Face in the Other Section one of the hair colors is Brown the other one is?

9.In the Game Classic BattleShip in the High Scores Section the two colors of the Board are?

10.In the Game Halloween Smash the Ghosts Face in the startup screen is what color?

11.In the Game Disc Golf in the High Scores Section what is the color of the boys hat in the startup screen?