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Awareness Test 2

1.On a Handicap sign the person on the wheelchair is facing?
2.In a school zone, the Slow for children sign, the child on the sign is running to the?
3.The cold water faucet on most sinks in the USA is on the (on single handle faucets it would turn to the?)?
4.To turn a light off you push the switch?
5.On a men's shirt the buttons are on what side as you are looking at it?
6.On a telephone which number button 1 thru 0 has no letters of the alphabet on it.
7.In public restrooms the Handicap stalls door swings?
8.On a curbside mailbox which side is the flag on?
9.The standard height from the floor to the seat on a mass produced chair is (come on you use these everyday, lol, no measuring)?
10.The standard height from the floor to the top of your kitchen countertop is?
11.On a telephone which nonnumber button has no letters of the alphabet on it?


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