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XP Outlook Express 6, Spamfighter, Spell checker.

I use Outlook Express 6 for my mail client and my wife uses IncrediMail for her mail client. Now my Outlook is a rather plain mail client, just the basics. One thing I can do, that you can not do with IncrediMail is right click on an email and go to properties and I can look at the full Message Source code. With IncrediMail you can only look at the Header code. I do not have any Emotioncons or Smiles, although you can Save some to a folder and insert them into your email, I do get Stationary.
Update: 03/20/2007, My whole Domain and IP Address was Blocked by AOL, because I was using the free version of SpamFighter. As soon as I removed SpamFighter, I was able to recieve and send mail to people using AOL. So if you are going to use this program, you will need to buy the Pro Version. I recently found a Spam checker for Outlook and it is Free, gotta like free. It is called Spamfighter and I have been running it for a couple weeks now and works great. It puts all my spam in a spam folder and my good mail in my inbox. You do have to check the spam folder for a month to make sure it did not mistakenly block mail you wanted. I have only had 3 emails that were spam in my inbox, I checked the source code and knew they were spam, clicked the Block button and everyone using Spamfighter will have that spam blocked. You can purchase a commercial version for $30.00 you can have over 100 email address, with the free version you can only have 100 email address in your address book. With IncrediMail I had to purchase the Spam Blocker for $29.00, worth it for my wife, she really likes doing her emailing, with all her, notifiers, special stationary, emotioncons, spell checker, on and on, so, I'm jealous lol. I still like my Outlook lol.
One thing Outlook does not actually come with, surprise, surprise, is a Spell Checker, you would think that would be a required program. Well I finally found a site that actually installed a Spell Checker on my Outlook. I had tried several different fixes with no luck. Put this .dll in the Proof folder, install these dictionary files here. You need Word or Office, installed because Outlook uses their engine to do the checking. Then I finally ran across Vampirefo site, I know the name made me a little nervous about installing his or hers exe file, but I scanned it with my virus program and it found 0 files, hmm, oh what the heck, I installed it. It dropped a .dll file and a couple dictionary files into the Proof folder and it works, I now have Spell Checking in my Outlook Express 6, Whoot! Thank You Vampirefo at for "Spell Checker for OE".


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