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Thread: Forum and Arcade Rules and Info READ FIRST

  1. Post Forum and Arcade Rules and Info READ FIRST

    You have a choice of 3 styles for the Forum/Arcade the drop down box is located in the bottom left corner:
    VB default colors
    VB Blue and white
    VB Red and black

    1.Please do not shout at people, which is using ALL CAPS.
    2.Please do not use bad language on this forum or the Arcade Comments, you will be banned, young people visit my site, so please be polite.
    3.Please do not insult other members in posts.
    4.Do not put spam on this forum, you will be banned.
    5.Do not post any inappropriate content or links to it on this forum, you will get banned.
    6.Do not post content from other sites or copyrighted materials unless you have a written statement giving you permission and can post it along with the content from the owner of said content.
    7.It is OK to post a link to content on another site and give your own explanation concerning the content, some sites prefer that you inform them before linking to their site.
    8.Read our Website Policies and Use Agreement located here
    9.Read the Forum FAQ section it tells you how to use this Forum.
    10.Have fun and be polite to everyone, visitors to my site will be reading these posts.
    11.When you Register you will have use reCAPTCHA then fill out the registration form completely, then you will receive an email with a link in it to activate your acct, make sure you check your spam folder as it may be put in there, you will then be Registered. Sorry but Spam Bots are really bad, you are helping combat spam bots from getting on the Forum by taking these steps, Thank You for your patience's in advance.
    12.These rules may change at anytime so please check back regularly to see the changes.
    13. If anyone is PMing you with inappropriate request or comments let me know so I can talk with them and Ban them if necessary and then add the member to your 'Ignore List' to stop receiving contacts with them.
    14. After registering go to your UserCP, link left side and fill in any info you would like, I would make sure you go to the Profile Privacy Link and set what information you want visible to who.
    15. If you are 13 years or younger you cannot register, you need to ask your Parents if is OK. I try to keep the site a family site, but on a Forum I cannot keep track of everything, if Mom and Dad say it is OK to join they will have to register for you. If you are ever contacted on the Forum by someone you do not know let Mom and Dad know before you respond to any messages. If you see anything bad on the Forum let Mom or Dad know so they can contact me to remove it.
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