View Full Version : Can not login to Arcade

12-27-2009, 07:22 PM
I noticed that when I login to the Arcade page it shows that I am not logged in, but when I click the Forum tab I was logged in. Checking into this, this is happening with Safari going to check IE.
IE logged me in first time then would not the secound time, cleared cookies and checked remember me and logged in with no problems.
Firefox after clearing the cache and cookies, worked perfectly before I had to open a game than login, wierd, hmm!
OK Safari did not show me logged into the Arcade after logging in but when I click the Forum tab I was logged in, I cleared Safaris cookies, Preferences, then go to the Security tab, then click the Cookies button remove all the cookies and the Login works fine, you need to check the Remember Me box with all the browsers when you login.