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I have been thinking about getting Vista, but with the changes to the OEM regulations and the cost of the retail versions of Vista not sure. Also I did use the Beta version of Ultimate and thought it was nice, but a little overboard when it came to security and bloated and slow, never upgraded to it, did just install Windows 7 though and I like it. Vista is very secure but gets annoying with all the popups asking if it is ok to do things. Plus it does not allow you all the freedoms that XP allows as far as tweaking the OS. Also it will not use any software that is pre XP. Also you need a lot of horse power and ram for Vista. XP has been very, very stable for me and I can run older software using the comparability mode. Do not get me wrong here I really would rather run Windows but for just surfing, emailing, writing letters and managing photo's and music there are alternatives. I thought I would give Linux a try, it has been a few years since I last tried it and thought maybe they are more user friendly. I ran across Ubuntu and installed it on a spare hard drive, experience below.
I installed Ubuntu 8.10 (Linux) and was amazed, it is fully automatic now, very impressed. Once I had it installed, which was all automatic, it updated my Graphic's driver and downloaded and installed 199 updates, automatically. I tried upgrading an older computer to version 9.10 but it can not download all the updates. It has an Add/Remove where you can download software or remove software, automatically, WOW! I actually had to search for a terminal to do command line work. The root acct is not accessible unless you really want to get into root (Administrative Acct) which is a great way to protect the OS from someone not knowing what they are doing. There are no restriction for my acct, if I do need to use root I can use sudo --- in a terminal and I have 15 minutes to get it done, then it locks root back up. My Desktop looks like Vista, after I downloaded a new Background and Theme, still checking it out but have not found any negatives yet and it is FREE, gotta love that! Here is a screen shot of my Desktop:
Ubuntu Desktop
I use Dreamweaver CS3 for my website editor, in Ubuntu I downloaded and installed, automatically lol, Quanta Plus a free open source editor. To my amazement it is a lot like Dreamweaver, I also use Photoshop CS3 for my Graphics editor and in Ubuntu I downloaded and installed GIMP Image Editor and to my amazement it is just like Photoshop, I can layer, splice, clone tool, it has it all and again it is free. There are free firewall's, Open Office, Firefox, Kstars a free program to look and track stars and planets, Evolution Mail, plus hundreds of other free software, WOW! But the coolest part is that you just go to the Add/Remove, choose a program you want and Ubuntu fetches it and any other dependent software and automatically installs it for you. I did find out that not all the software is stored on your computer, some is left on the DVD/CD so when searching for Adobes Flash player for Firefox I had to have the DVD install disk in the drive. Other then that and there was a problem when it first installed from the Desktop, when I had to reboot there was no loading screen, pressed Ctrl-Alt-F1 to show it, after everything was updated that was fixed. Another cool thing is that you can run Ubuntu from the DVD/CD and if you like it you can click the install Icon on the Desktop to do a full install and like I said it is automatic. If you want to check Linux out and have no idea what Linux is or like, try the Live version of Ubuntu, it runs off the DVD/CD and if you like it install it. There is a lot of support for this OS also, so if you do have questions Linux users are very helpful. If you have an old computer laying around give Ubuntu a try and remember it is FREE. Oh ya I also noticed now that they have a lot of educational games for kids and they are Free. Here is a screen shot of the Start Menu-Accessories:
Ubuntu Desktop 2

I could not take a screen capture while I had the Menu open with the Print Screen Key, I used the Take Screen shot program. It had an option to Grab the whole desktop or Grab the current window with a time delay, I set it for 6 sec's and then opened the Menu, it took the screen shot, neat! If you notice on the bottom of the Menu is the Add/Remove link, that is what you use to add or remove software. There is also a Menu on the top of the screen, any programs you have open will show up there. Some more information and pics on page 2. Below is the Update Manager, like Windows Update, if you click the Check Bottom is will check all the installed software and download any updates needed. It will also download any patches Ubuntu needs and it is all automatic like Windows, very nice to find this in Linux.
Ubuntu  Update Manager

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