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I do not think we are being Taxed enough, what are Politicians thinking, I still have money to buy some food.

There must be more, I'm sure there are, maybe they have a list somewhere, of what is not taxed and needs taxing. Oh please tax us more, we know you only do good things for us, with the tax money you collect. Perhaps you can publish the list and we could add to it, we need more taxes, we want more taxes, you need higher salaries and hey, I still have some money to buy a little food, "food" tax food, you need the money, we do not, big corps are going under and no one likes our cars. So Tax us more, so you can help, those poor Corporations and Countries and give yourselves a great big raise, you deserve it, you work hard figuring out what new taxes we can pay. So all you Politicians, Thank You for all those taxes and I am glade that when you retire, you and your family members will be taken care of and remember, I still am able to buy, well not much anymore!


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