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Let's go on a Sarfari!

Lower Zambezi National Park-the Near-Perfect Safari Destination By Scotch Macaskill.
If you would like some of Mr. Macaskill Photographs, go to his link at the bottom of each page, Thank You!
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If you're looking for an African safari that offers a diverse and exciting range of outdoor activities, you'll battle to find anywhere better than the Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia.
In fact, for groups or families with teenage kids, this has to be the near-perfect safari destination.
Instead of being limited to twice-daily game drives as happens in many national parks, visitors to Lower Zambezi are spoilt for choice, thanks to the mighty Zambezi River that flows along the park's southern boundary for 120km.
Not only do you have a wide expanse of water on your doorstep, but there are also numerous smaller channels, tributaries, and islands that can be explored.
There is no camping in Lower Zambezi and accommodation is provided by several upmarket safari lodges, all of which offer a full range of activities.
There is of course also the wildlife. Most the safari lodges in this 4090 sq km wilderness area are situated near the water's edge and are not fenced, so it's important to understand you're now in wild animal territory.
At night hippo come out of the river to feed and if you hear loud munching from your safari tent, it's more than likely a hippo grazing. It could also be a buffalo or two. Or maybe even an elephant.
Should you need to go to the bathroom at night, it's definitely not advisable to wander outside. Fortunately, with the standard of accommodation provided by the lodges, you'll have a private bathroom.
If you do want a closer view of hippos, then a canoe trip is the way to go. Sometimes the view can be unnervingly close and canoeing is definitely more suited to those who enjoy the occasional adrenaline rush.
But what better way to view wildlife, including numerous bird species, than drifting slowly down a remote side channel, the silence broken only by bird calls and the gentle slap of paddles?
In addition to the birds and large number of hippos, you're likely to see crocodiles, elephants, buffalo, antelope, baboons and, if you're lucky, the odd lion, all from a different vantage point.
If you prefer a more conventional view, then an early-morning or afternoon game drive offers the ideal alternative. In addition to zebra and antelope, impala, kudu, waterbuck, you're likely to see elephants and quite possibly large herds of buffalo.
Although there's no guarantee of seeing big cats, lion prides and leopards are frequently sighted in the park on game drives.
The afternoon drives are usually punctuated by a welcome stop for drinks and snacks as you watch a spectacular African sunset from a carefully chosen vantage point.
So maybe canoeing and game viewing is not your bag? You still have the option of taking on the river's famed Zambezi Tiger Fish, renowned for their great fighting spirit.
You can fish with bait or lures from a boat, accompanied by an experienced coxswain who'll take you to the best spots or, if you prefer something more challenging, try bagging a Tiger with a fly rod from the river banks.
If you feel you're not getting enough exercise and want a more intimate experience of the African bush, a Guided Walk can normally be arranged.
Your guide will arrange a National Park escort and together they'll take you on a walk through the wilderness where you'll see colorful forest birds, animal tracks, and wildlife from foot.
Sometimes, when you can't make up your mind what to do next, the best solution is to sip on a long, cool beverage and postpone decision-making to another day.
You'll struggle to find a more relaxing and visually splendid venue for this than a sundowner cruise, putt-putting slowly down the Zambezi on a comfortable pontoon.
Sit back and soak in the view as the setting sun casts its reflections on the water, first fiery reds, then subdued oranges and, as you head home, subtle pinks.
No doubt about it, the Lower Zambezi National Park has something for just about everyone and is close to the perfect safari destination, particularly where members of your family or group are of varying ages with different interests.
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For superb African wildlife photographs, plus wildlife and photography information and articles, visit Scotch Macaskill's website.

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