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When is it time to buy a New Computer.

Should you Buy a New Computer?

Is it time for you to buy a new computer, well lets figure out first if the one you have is adequate for your needs and today's Internet. Let first say that if you are still running Windows 95, it is time to buy a new computer. Why? well I'm not saying that Windows 95 is a bad Operating System, because it is good. But it is no longer supported by MS and it does not have the Security features needed for today's Internet. Also, if your computer is running 95 it is a very old computer and most certainly very slow. You can probably do some surfing with it but I would imagine it is very limited as far as speed of loading pages and displaying graphics such as Flash and other interactive content. So that one is a no brainier, spring for a new one.
Are you running Windows Me? That one was lets say, not one of the better OSes MS developed. How about Windows 98? Now that is a good OS but again MS has stopped supporting it, which means, no more Security Updates. If you are running a computer with 98 on it, it is probably still a good Internet and Emailing computer, probably slow but differently not as slow as a computer running 95. Should you buy a new one, well here are a few questions you must answer. Does it take forever to Bootup? Do you have a lot of errors and Blue Screens with it? Do you still use a 15" Monitor with it? Do you have a heck of a time installing new software and getting it to run? I still have 98se on another harddrive on this computer that I'm typing this article on, do I ever boot into it? Once in a great while, but I do not stay long, it runs great, but after you run XP, 98 well is 98 lol. But the question is the computer, I'm using the OS as a reference as to what type of computer you are using. The System requirements are different for each OS. Some software you are now running on 98, may not be compatible with XP and if you were to buy a new computer now, you would be getting XP Home Edition most likely as the Operating System.
What you could do instead of buying a new computer is to try and upgrade the existing one. This can be a good way to go and could be a waste of money too! Most new computers come with, Windows XP Home Edition, this OS is not like 98 it needs a lot less maintenance and is more secure, they a also usually come with a 17" Monitor, CD-RW or DVD drive, 256 megs of RAM some with 512 megs, 80 to 120 gig harddrive, fairly decent Sound and Video, for around $400.00 to $800.00. If you were to upgrade, lets say the Graphics card $100.00 base price, More RAM $70.00, so lets say that is $170.00, I say to upgrade the Graphics card why? if the computer you have now has onboard video or an older Video card, the new one will have more memory on it, which will help to give the computer more speed, the CPU and Ram no longer have to deal with the Video or Graphics, the new Graphics card will do that, then the addition of more RAM, helps the system, boot faster and load programs faster. You may also want to treat yourself with a used 17" monitor and an Intellimouse. But by then you could buy a base system at a store for $400.00 and that would have a lot more upgrades, CPU, monitor, keyboard, mouse, XP. It is a hard call sometimes you are better off giving the old computer to the kids or use it to mess around the net with and just spring for a new one verses upgrading the old one, depends on your finances the best upgrade with the least cost is the RAM.
If you are a Gamer, that is a different story and a lot more money. A good store bought gaming computer is going to run at a base price of $1200.00 + for a good one and if you are going to play the first person, high end graphics games, you are probably into the $2,000.00 + price range and make sure it has a least a 1 gig of RAM minimum, I would also get a 19" LCD Monitor with it. An older computer running 98 or less is going to be expensive to upgrade for the high end graphic intensive games out there today, you would be better off buying a new computer. Plus Windows Vista is coming soon, probably in or around June of 2007 and you will need a high end system to run it. Is it cheaper to build your own system verses buying one, NO! So why would someone build their own computer, you know exactly what you want in the system and plan on No Tech Support, you will be responsible for it. Building your own computer is fun and does not come with a lot of unnecessary software, just the OS and software you install. You could build a gaming machine at a fairly reasonable price, if you really shop around for the parts and take your time looking for them. You would mostly be buying OEM parts and software, "no tech support and hard to return" but a lot cheaper.
So to wrap it up. If you are running Windows 95, time for a new computer lol. If you are running Windows Me, have fun with all the problems, if the computer runs good, think about going to XP. If you are running 98, they just stopped supporting it, so if the computer is alright, think about more RAM and XP. If you are a Gamer, I feel your pain man, it is hard to keep up with all the new High End Games, first the new graphics cards, more RAM and more RAM, dang need to buy a new Mobo for a new Graphics card and more RAM lol, it is like owning a racing machine, every year you need to get MORE POWER and SPEED DANG IT.


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