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Intelligence Quiz 4

1. The 'Paul is Dead' hoax which was encouraged by the Beatles sent streams of Beatles fans looking for clues to Paul's supposed death. Much of this was precipitated by a supposed backwards message claiming Paul's death on which Beatles song?
2. One of the most infamous Roman emperors was Gaius, whose nickname was 'Caligula'. How does his nickname 'Caligula' roughly translate into English?
3. Which of these colours is not on the flag of the Republic of Ireland?
4. The word 'kowtow', which implies obsequiousness in English, comes to us from the Chinese word combination 'koutou' or 'ketou'...both of which literally mean what?
5. The Gettysburg Address was delivered by Abraham Lincoln on Nov. 19, 1863, dedicating a cemetery at the site of a major U.S. Civil War battle. About how long did his address last?
6. Which of the following languages is most closely related to English in terms of language origins?
7. Which of these literary character's names is synonymous with a person who works very hard at what s/he does in order to earn a living, but never seems to achieve much success?
8. Which fascinating insect behavior was first investigated by Austrian Nobel Laureate Karl von Frisch?
9. The first eight flavours of Jelly Belly jellybeans included two soda pop flavours. What were they?
10. Which mythological individual links Sophocles, Stravinsky and Freud?
11. If you ran into a group of these animals in Africa you would say 'Look, a shrewdness of ...'?

Author: Mike Hanson


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