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Internet Explorer 7

Microsoft has been working on a new and improved Internet Explorer. I have downloaded the candidate 1 version, it is no longer in beta, so this version is close to being released as the final product. I had been watching the IE 7 website as to the progress of 7. This download does replace IE 6 with 7, I had thought it would be seperate from IE 6 so I could test it without loosing IE 6, oh well, you can uninstall it if you have problems and go back to IE 6. So where do you get IE 7, glade you asked, lol, Update: it is now available through Windows Update.
So do I like it, ya, it has Tabbed Browsing, in other words, instead of the opened windows being in your Taskbar, you can press the Ctrl key when you click on a new link and it opens a new Tab under the Search box. But what is really nice is the Tools located on the right side of the Toolbar. It has a Phishing Filter, what is that? Phishing is when you get that email saying, go to your account and login or we will have to suspend your account. If you were to click on the link, it would take you to a copy of the real site, a fake website, if you actually logged in, you would be giving a bad person your password and user name to the Legitimate website. That is called Phishing and the Phishing Filter, if you turn it on, will alert to the fact that the site is a fake and gives you the option to Report it, Cool MS!
There are also changes in the Internet Options Utility. The Delete Files section, now has a list of things to Delete, Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form Data and Passwords, organized them into one utility, nice. I went into the Security Tab and clicked each Zone and set them to the Default Settings. It now includes RSS Feeds, in the Content Tab, you get some options for them. It also shows an RSS Feed Icon in the Toolbar, which alerts you when it finds an RSS Feed on a web page you are visiting.
Under Programs in Internet Option, there is a new Manage add-ons button. You can View your add-ons for IE and go to a page to download new add-ons for IE 7. I surfed to various websites and have had no problems so far. IE 7 looks more like XP, with fancy icons and buttons, seems to be faster then 6 to. I like this Tabbed Browsing, I can have this page, that I'm typing, open in a tab and open in another tab, lol. Before I had to click down on the Taskbar to open a different page.
So to wrap it up. Do I like IE 7, yes I do, nice job MS. It has a very nice layout, looks really cool and I especially like the Phishing Filter. This will hopefully help slow down some of the identity theft going on. Be careful on the internet and do not open those, check your Paypal, Bank or any Account emails you get, always go to the legitimate website and check your Account on the real website, not from a link in an email. Should you download IE 7, that is up to you, I waited for the just to be released version, which is what the link takes you to. But remember it is still not the Final Stable Release. Check back, I will have additional information later!
Update: Still using IE 7 on both my XP Home and the new Windows Vista and they are running trouble free. IE 7 comes with the RC1 Vista and it also comes with Windows Defender, a spyware program from Microsoft. I just installed it on my XP Home computer to see how well it works with XP Home.
Update: I noticed that sometimes 7 will not open a web page, saying there is an error, including my Home page, if I close 7 and reopen the page, it opens with no problems. I ran Defender and it was trouble free, I just removed it because my Norton Antivirus does the same thing, so having both running slowed the computer down a little. I also noticed with 7 that I need to clean my temporary internet files (cache) more frequently.


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