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Phone call: this is Windows your computer has a virus or Errors. This is a Scam!

If someone calls you and says they are Windows or Microsoft and you did not actually call Microsoft and it is a returned call, you are being scammed. I have never gotten one of these calls but one lady emailed me and said they called and told her that they were from Windows and they noticed her computer had a virus, Microsoft will never call you unless you have called them first and it is a return call. They wanted her to go to Start, then click on the Control Panel, then click on Administrative Tools, then to open the Event Viewer. Then told her she had viruses because of all the entries, not true.
I thought I would show you what the Event Viewer is and what it is for, this is basically used by IT people, Windows logs events on your computer and this is where an Administrator can look to see what has happened. For the regular user it is going to really mean nothing. I am going to show you how I used it yesterday, my computer was acting funny and I actually got a hardware Blue Screen. I had two hard drives hooked up, one was my main drive with Windows 7 and the other had Windows 98, I just use 98 for a reference to questions, the hard drive Windows 98 was on was dying and causing the Blue Screen. I disconnected the drive and all is good.
I could have used the Event Viewer to see what was going on and would have been able to determine that the drive was dying. The first screen shot shows some of the Event Viewer when it opens:
Windows Event Viewer 1

This next screen shot shows I had an Error 24 hours ago, yesterday it was a Critical Error in the Last hour, I have expanded the Error tree and now you can just double click on the error. I doubled clicked it and the next screen shot shows you the information regarding the error.
Windows Event Viewer 2

This is the screen shot of the error, under Level it lists the Error, the next box shows you information about the error. It says, "The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk1\DR1" your main drive is Harddisk0, so this is telling me that my second hard drive is failing and causing errors.
Windows Event Viewer 3

When you first open the Event Viewer this is the full screen shot of what you will see. I have opened the Windows Logs tree on the left and opened the Application link, I then clicked on the second Information line, I had just previously run the Defragmenter and it is telling me it was successful.
Windows Event Viewer 4

So if someone calls you saying they are Winows and tells you that there are viruses or errors on your computer and wants you to start typing in commands into Run, hang up or even better just tell them you do not own any Computers or that you own a Mac, I doubt they will call you back.


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