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A Guide to cleaning your computer, Keyboard, Mouse and Monitor [Page 3]

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Cleaning the Keyboard and Mouse:

Before you hook the case back up to all the cables, lets clean the Keyboard and mouse. First take the can of compressed air and spray the Keys of the Keyboard, also turn it upside down to let any bigger objects fall out. You can pop each Key off from the Keyboard with a flat screw driver to clean under them, just remember where they go, lol. I also use one of those Anti-Static Wipes for cleaning these.
Next take a damp paper towel and wipe off the pads on the bottom of your mouse and the mouse's body, do not wipe off the optical light, just blow that off, sometimes a piece of lint will get stuck in front of that light and then the mouse will act crazy. If you have an Optical Mouse and it is acting weird check to make sure nothing is blocking the light and the batteries are good.

If you have the ball type mouse, remove the ball by turning the retainer ring that is around the ball, then remove the rubber ball.

Then take a cotton swab and clean off the three plastic rollers that the ball rests on in the mouse body. These get lint built up on them from the rubber ball and makes the mouse act slow and weird. If you dip the swab in some alcohol, then take it and run it across the face of the roller. Then you may be able to take a tweezers and grab the lint and pull it off, you'll be amazed at how much lint is on the rollers, lol.
Next put some alcohol on a cloth and clean the rubber ball, then dry it. Once you are done cleaning, put the ball back in and then the ring, then twist the ring to lock it into position.
Mouse rubber ball

Picture of the reassembled mouse.


Cleaning your Monitor and hooking everything back up:

Next you should take a damp (not wet) cloth towel and wipe off your Monitor's Screen “lightly” and then use a dry cloth to dry it off, do not use a paper towel this will scratch the screen. The best thing and what I use is, Anti-Static Cleaning Wipes, you can buy these anywhere a Computer is sold. You should then use the cloth rags to clean the Monitor's Case and base. Now you can bring the case back in and start hooking up the cables. If you laid out the cables on the floor in the order you took them off, then start by hooking the cables at the bottom of the case and work your way up so the last cable you plug in is the Power Supply cable. If you were careful not to have the rag to wet and you know everything has dried off, then start it up. Well all the cleaning is done and I'm sure it took less time then it took me to do this E-book, lol. If you did everything right it should boot right up and hopefully be running cooler. If you have a problems make sure all the cables are in the right place

Power Supply Precautions

This is a picture of the inside of the Power Supply, it is shown only for illustrative purposes only. Some of the parts inside the Power Supply hold a High Electrical Charge for quite awhile, so only a qualified service person should open and service it. I removed the cover so you could see what it looks like inside of the box. The fan or fans are located at the rear and bottom of the Power Supply, this one has two fans and this is the bottom of the box, you can see the fan that is at the back of the case here, the other fan I removed so you could see inside the box.
The only reason I am showing you this is to emphasize that this is the only thing that has Electricity stored when you unplug the Power Supply Cord from the computer and to take special care when cleaning it. As I said above only stick the small plastic tube that you attached to the can of compressed air into the Power Supply Box, do not over spray inside this box, just spray enough to clean out most of the dust.
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