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This a Guide to cleaning your Computer, it is what I do to clean my Computers. When you handle any electrical components there is a risk of getting an electrical shock, so be very careful when following this Guide. Never work on any electrical components when they are still connected to an electrical source, such as an electrical outlet. Always unplug the electrical component from the electrical source. When dealing with a Computer there is a risk of static electricity on you harming an electronic component inside of the computer or by cleaning accessories attached to the computer while they are still plugged into the computer, such as a Keyboard, Mouse or Monitor. Once the Power Cord is unplugged there is no Electricity running through the computer, there are some parts in the Power Supply that hold an Electrical charge so do not stick anything but the small plastic tube that comes with the can of compressed air into the Power Supply Box. Before you touch anything inside the computer case touch the Metal Frame to discharge any static electricity you may have. You should wear Safety Glasses when using the canned air. Be sure that you read this Guide before attempting to clean your computer, if after reading the Guide you feel that you are comfortable with the steps taken to clean the computer, start cleaning!

Table of Contents:

The tools, supplies and work bench you can use:

Here is what I use to clean my computers:

Picture of the tools, supplies and work bench you can use.


Disconnecting the cables from the Computer:

Here is a picture of the back of my computer with the cables still connected.

The first cable you will disconnect is the Power Cord, the one connected to the electrical outlet. After that is unplugged you can safely disconnect the other cables. I usually start with the top cables and work my way down, laying them on the floor in an orderly fashion. Also unplug the Electrical Cord to the Monitor.

Untangling the cables:

If some of the cables are tangled this is a good time to untangle them. Picture of all the cables disconnected from the back of the computer When you take them off start with the top one, the Power Supply cord and then keep going down. Also as you unplug them, untangle them from other cables and then lay them on the floor in the order you unplugged them. This will make it easier when it comes time to plug them back in. : )

Work Bench and cleaning the outside of the case:

Now take the computer case out to the clean Kitchen Counter Top, stand it upright just as it was when it was connected to the cables. Now you should put those Safety Glasses on.
Now you should take a damp towel and clean the outside of the case, just clean the sides, top, front and bottom of the case. Next use the can of compressed air and spray the back of the case, including the Power Supply fan opening, stick the little tube in between the fan blades and spray around the inside of the Power Supply Box The Power Supply still has High Voltage Electricity in it so only use the small plastic tube that comes with the can of compressed air inside the Power Supply Box, do not over spray inside the box, just a few short bursts.

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