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Java Script Security Warning Browsers

Java Script Security Warning
This is a screen shot of the Security Warning popup you now get in the new 2013 browsers, these will show on all sites that you use to go to or regularly visit. Why have they put these in place, because some maliciuos site owners decided to use flaws in the Java code to attack your computer. So we all have to suffer with the consequences. I do not run any malicious code ANYWHERE on my sites but now it is going to alarm folks to think WOW what is up with this. So hense this page to try and explain why this happens.
My Java Script menus stopped working with the new IE 10 and I had to recode 700 pages to fix it, Thanks IE, lol, I know they are just trying to protect us all but sometimes it gets fustrating for website owners to code for IE. If you regularly visit a website that has a Java Script Application on it using Internet Explorere 10 you can go to the site and hit the F12 key, a popup box will come up pictured below:

IE Developer Tool
In the top tool bar is a tab called Browser Mode IE10, click that and a menu will come down, IE 10 will be checked, just check Internet Explorer 9 and from then on the sites will render that page according to IE 9 standards each time you visit it, the Java Script will run. If that Security Warning shows up first and you trust the site and have used the Java Script app before check the box in the bottom left corner Do not show this again for this app and then click the Run button it should run everytime you visit without the Security Warning.
I hope that kind of explains the reasons and solutions to this new risk, if you land on a website where you have never been or never heard of then the tools to not let Java Scripts Run is a VERY GOOD thing, do not let it run until you can confirm with friends or searches that it is a legit and safe website. If you have questions use the Contact Mike under Message.
Website Owners to fix the issue on your site add this code to your header code: your users should not get the warning now.


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